Enrichment Programs

Career Preparation

Career preparation (on-campus jobs) is offered to most high school students. Work sites include custodial and food service skills provided at Doris Sanders. This program concentrates on School-to-Work skills and training for off-campus jobs.

Community Based Instruction

Community based instruction enables small groups of students to access the community on a regular basis. This provides the student with an opportunity to transfer individual skills into the community. Various modes of transportation are provided such as the Citrus Connection, school bus or school automobile.

Computer Instruction

Computer instruction is available at Doris A. Sanders Learning Center. The students learn to use the keyboard, mouse, microphone, and headphones as well as many software packages. Teachers and students are provided with computers in their classrooms. Software programs and adaptive equipment are an integral part of all classroom settings within our school.

Harrison Arts Center

Harrison Arts Center high school students at Doris Sanders Learning Center participate in the Express Dance Program (Spring Dance Performance). The focus is to instruct disabled students in social and art oriented amenities. Each year Harrison and Doris Sanders students participate together in Mayfair-By-The-Lake Very Special Arts Festival

Additional Programs Include:

  • Music Therapy
  • Specially Designed PE
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy

Extra Curricular Activities Include:

  • FFA (Youth Fair, Judging Contests and Banquet)
  • Special Olympics
  • Holly Ball
  • High School Level Prom
  • Wood Workshop (unique student made wooden projects